Global Network Map

Secure Gateway global network consists of 48 DDoS-resilient data centers with over 4.8 Tbps capacity

Live Cyber Threat Map

Performance in numbers




Cached items/minute


Threats blocked/minute

Secure and resilient performance

Built for security

  • A growing network of data centers with Secure Gateway security stack at each location
  • Increased resiliency points
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Operations expertise
  • Follow-the-sun model

Architected for resilience

  • Proprietary behemoth technology
  • Software-defined network platform that self-adapts to failures
  • Low-latency network with security application delivery

Designed for performance

  • Global infrastructure of 60+ PoPs
  • 13 Tbps of capacity
  • 5,000+ peering relationships
  • DDoS mitigation In 3 seconds or less

Provider Partners

Network Architecture

Local Multi-function PoPs

DDoS scrubbing, WAF, bot protection, caching, and load balancing are all supported at every location, ensuring that your traffic does not have to skip from one PoP to another. Strategically located to meet user demands, the Secure Gateway network of local PoPs improves response time while enabling high scalability and DDoS attack mitigation in under 3 seconds.

Mesh Network

Our software-defined network creates a virtual pool of DDoS scrubbing centers that can call on each other to provide help when needed. We respond to volumetric attacks by distributing traffic to scrubbing centers that are ready to absorb it.

Regional Super PoPs

Super PoPs are located inside Internet connectivity hotspots to provide immediate scrubbing power and attack isolation when you get hit by a big attack. Designed for efficiency and zero customer disruption, our PoP architecture provides reserve capacity at a lower operational cost.

Peering Relationships

We take a performance-oriented approach to PoP placement that combines the advantages of geographic location and provider capability. We deploy our PoPs among top-tier providers that give us direct access to the Internet and offer broad peering.